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a digital marketing agency.


We know that the digital jungle is endless and means great opportunities for companies. For us, it is important that nothing is more complicated or has a higher price tag than it needs to have.


We are a digital marketing agency in brand strategy, investor relations, employer branding, social media and web design. With a large and broad network through our business register, you have, regardless of the size of your company, the opportunity to reach exactly the target group you want to be seen for in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.


Your dreams and desires are our command and we always strive to create something beautiful together. Our goal is to make life a little easier for you so that you can focus on your core business. We are creative, passionate and committed.

We are holm+co. 

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digital marketing + social media


SEM (Search Engine Marketing), or so-called search engine marketing, is an effective way to reach customers through Google, Yahoo and Bing. In short, you bid on which specific keywords you want to appear on and then pay for the number of clicks. The more sought after a word is, the higher the price tag per click that word may have. Then you choose a budget of how much you want to spend over a period, when that budget is achieved, you do not have to worry about the money running out and that you get unexpectedly high invoices.




SEO (Search Engine Optimizing), also called search engine optimization, are methods to ensure in the long run that your website ends up high in the search engines. Search engine optimization is something you have to work on continuously and that takes longer to see effect on.



re-marketing + Google

Do you want people who have previously visited your site to find you again? Re-marketing means that your ad will appear to them again, of course without tiring them out. The advantage of re-marketing through Google Ads is that you not only set a budget, target group and geographical area, you also determine the reference ceiling, ie how many times the ad should be visible for the same IP address. Good, huh?  

email + newsletter

Email is still very effective in reaching out to existing customers, new customers and even customers who do not know you exist. When sending e-mails in the form of offers or newsletters, it is important to make a plan and it is always appreciated to receive personal e-mails. Other questions to ask are; what is the purpose of your e-mails, who are the recipients and how often should we send out newsletters or campaigns? Last, but certainly not least, is asking for permission before sending an email based on the GDPR.



social media

Many companies today have understood the importance of marketing themselves on social media and what an enormous impact effective work on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn can have. No company is the same as another, so we help you tailor a solution with a strategy on which channels you should be seen on, completely according to your business. The approach to social media varies and some prefer to handle it themselves, while others want it to be handled by an external party. Together, we create an arrangement that works for you.

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